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Connecting on a service job should be easy. Creating a contract and managing the job should be even easier. Quiktract combines the ease of a marketplace with the lead, contract and payment tools solopreneurs need to easily manage their work.


Finding a service provider or getting hired should be easy. Quiktract’s directory allows individuals to quickly connect on jobs while maintaining complete control of terms and pricing.


Quiktract gets your agreements in writing in 60 seconds or less for whatever you purchase or provide: lawn care, graphic design, babysitting, catering, tutoring, pet sitting, cleaning & much, much more.


Make or receive payments securely -- paying and getting paid when the job is done has never been easier or quicker. Quiktract Pay is included as part of the Quiktract app.


Hire or Get Hired

Finding a service provider or getting hired should be personal. It should be easy and both sides should control the terms. With Quiktract, providers and buyers can connect, negotiate terms and complete jobs with no service fees or middle man charges.


Create Quiktract

A written agreement (i.e. contract) doesn’t signify a lack of trust. Instead, it solidifies trust and creates the foundation for the relationship. With Quiktract either seller OR buyer can initiate the agreement. As the proverb goes: the palest ink is better than the best memory.


Manage Quiktract

Formal contracts, text, e-mail and handshakes are all hard to change. Quiktracts are easy. The amendment process is built in and captures both parties agreement to each modification.


Pay Securely

The contract isn’t complete until the work is done and fair payment has been made. Take the hassle out of writing checks or going the ATM for cash with QT Pay our secure payment processing built into the app.


Network of Attorneys

Even well-documented agreements and contracts can get off track in the real world. Quiktract has a network of attorneys available to you should you need help in getting things back on track.

Quiktract At a Glance

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You need a contract Quiktract

As a buyer or a service provider, you really need to capture the specifics in writing. While a long, formal attorney-written contract is overkill, you need more than just a handshake after discussing the details of the job.

Quiktract provides you with a binding legal agreement (i.e. contract), the flexibility to modify it as needed and even a way to securely pay/get paid on job completion. All backed by a network of attorneys should anything go wrong.

Download the app today and get the clarity, protection and peace of mind from getting it in writing!


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